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What’s app marketing advantages and disadvantages in 1000 words

What’s app marketing advantages and disadvantages

When you think of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter probably comes to mind but today WhatsApp is also has been launched to chat with the other user and also you can chat in a group. every people use what aap as a chatting source and broadcast message simultaneously. That kind of market penetration can’t be ignored. But how can you use effectively what’s app for marketing like all relatively unexplored frontiers, there are equal measures of risk and reward for early adopters

what is whats app

What’s app is a free mobile app that uses your phone Internet connection to let you chat with others? In WhatsApp, you cannot pay anything to the particular message but you have to recharge the internet to use WhatsApp. The app also lets you share your images, videos, files and support free voice and video calls.

Its support for a wide range of phones has made it especially popular in areas with high SMS charges including Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia-where 60 percent of the population uses what’s app. In fact, it is one of the most popular alternatives to SMS in 109 countries on 55.6 percent of the world. Facebook and WhatsApp launched in the market in 2014.WhatsApp and Facebook both have the same feature in whats app you can chat in a group or particular or can video call in both the app.

How to use what’s app

What’s app has a version for iPhones, Android, Windows phone and the Nokia s40? There is also a web app and desktop windows for Windows PCS but you need to have it installed on your phone first since each what’s app account tied directly to a single phone.

if anybody is downloaded the app it has been verifying the country as well your phone number. To set up your profile you can either import your information with a single click or manually add an and add a profile name (which you can change later).

What’s app uses the phone number from your phone’s contact list to show you update to date directory of what’s app users who you already know. Anyone who has your phone number in your phone address book will see your listing too unless you change your privacy settings. Three basics have to share messages, photos, images, and videos.

One to one chat

Like other chat programs, you can can’t directly with another user who is on your phone contact list. You can also call or video calls them or also record audio to text to them.

Broadcast lists

When you send a message to a broadcast list, it will go to anyone on the list who has your number saved in their phone address book, they will see the message as a normal message similar to the BBC ( blind carbon copy ) function in the email. If they reply it will appear as a normal one to anyone else in their broadcast list. The broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.


Group chats let you message up to 256 people at once, sharing messages, photos, and videos. Everyone in the group chats and also sees everyone else’s responses.

Why should you use what’s app for business

The best reason to use what’s app for business is that many of your customers are probably already using it more than 60 billion messages are sent through what’s app every single day. Users of what’s app and similar services are willing to engage with a business.

According to a Facebook survey, 67 percent of mobile messaging app users say they except to use chat for more communicating with business over the next two years. What’s more 53 percent of respondents say they are more likely to shop with business they can message directly what’s app may already have a key way for your audience to share your content via dark social – a term to describe when people share content through private channels such as email, chat apps like what’s app as opposed to more public like Facebook.

What’s app marketing tools

What’s app has launched a business app this was built in small business owner in mind this app is free to download and currently only available to android users. It allows a business to easily interact with customers by using tools to automated sort and quickly respond to messages.

There is the third party what’s app marketing tools and services offering to set up multiple what’s app account and group for marketers but using them can lead to you being blocked temporarily for banned entirely from the services plus, mass messaging in this type of environment can do a lot of changes to your brand.

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