social media marketing tips for Facebook and Instagram

it is a direct challenge to increase your marketing on the social media platform .today social media can play a very lead role to everyone’s life that impact the person thinking and their daily marketing .marketing can play a very lead role because today’s generation everyone is using a smartphone that makes everyone daily life soo easy to do work and start their daily business online. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest video maker apps.

in Facebook marketing.

everyone is using Facebook to extend their business because online business can provide you a lot of profit as compared to go shops and buying the product in market bargaining can be done that’s WHY the retailer cannot earn maximum profit but in online marketing, bargaining cannot be done and the people can get more profits on their product in every business profit is the main motive if profit is not earning than the business strategy could not work.SO start your business on Facebook create your own page of business and start selling your product online to gain more profit.

in instagram marketing.

in instagram you cannot mke any page just you have to create your own id of your buisness and post an original product pic to gain more followers and gives a huge sales ratio that you cannot earn from your shop online marketing can gives you a more profit as compared to the retail shops.

twitter marketing.

on twitter marketing you hav to do blogging of your articles and earn maximum profits blogging marketing can gives a huge amount of money as you cannot think of blogging can makes you more rich as you were there and not think of too become more rich .twitter marketing can allows you too doo anything of your buisness.

pinterest marketing.

if you have using your site and do your blogging then pnterest is the best way to get more engagements and get more comments on your article pinterest marketing can gives you a huge amount of money in blogging marketing . pinterest marketing is the best way to rank your site on the top and get more interactions .

video marketing .

video marketing can provides you a lot of money as you cannot think of to earn money from video editing or making your own video to become an professional expert and earn a large amount of money from video editing now tik tok platform has been banned and people who are earning a large amount of money can also be distracted by the video editing platform but there are many more apps that provides you a very good video editing and you can earn money many apps like;

  • imovie [IOS].
  • Filmora go [ANDROID USERS].
  • Apple clips [IOS].
  • film maker pro [IOS].

AND many more other apps and platform to earn a huge amount of profit and show your talent .video maker apps can provides you a lot of money and provides you many more editing settings.

how we can doo website marketing.

website marketing is the very big platform to start our buisness online and give the great impact on your buisness start your site like a amazon ,flipkart,big basket, grofers E.T.C. IT can gives you a great sale only in 1 month .A set of website can interact each other and give you a very big sale only in 1 mareting can interact many customers to do a big sale of your buisness>

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