Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojna was a campaign implemented in India to supply the medicines to the poor people at a reasonable rate. The main reason to implement this scheme is that branded medicines are sold at higher prices, that the poor people cannot afford to buy these medicines. Jan Aushadi is the novel project launched by the government of India in the year 2008 for the noble cause -quality medicines at affordable prices for all.the campaign was undertaken through the sale of generic medicines through exclusives outlays namely ‘Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Kendra’in various districts of India.

why this scheme has been implemented?

It was proposed that the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojana has been implemented during the five-year plan period starting from 2008-2009, with the target at least one Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Kendra in each of the 630 districts of the country. The first ‘Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Kendra ‘was opened on 25 November 2008 in Amritsar Punjab. Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Kendra has run with the principle of ‘No Profit No Loss’.

This novel project launched by the government of India in 2008 has not reached anywhere with its desired objective. Much reliance was placed on the CPSUs for the supply of medicine on Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojana.the experienced was said that the demand for drugs was not to be coped to be increasing. Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Kendra as CPSUs had limited coverage of therapeutic groups and dosage forms. The scheme had a heavy dependence upon state government for a prescription for generic medicine and for opening Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Kendra as CPSUs for the supply of medicines as Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Kendra.

The public health foundation of India {PHFI} was entrusted with a third-party evaluation, and they submitted its report on 18 Dec,2012 under the title rapid assessment and potential scale-up of Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Yojana.

the main observation of this scheme is.

  • Over-dependence on support from the state government.
  • Poor supply chain management with frequent stock out situations.
  • Basket of the drug is not fully representative and comprehensive resulting in poor public response and disproportionate expires.
  • Non -prescription of generic medicines.
  • Free medicine distribution scheme by central /state governments.

Who can open a Jan Aushadi store?

State governments or any organization/reputed NGOs /trusts /private hospital/charitable institutions /doctors and individual entrepreneurs are applied for new Jan Aushadi Stores.the applicants shall have to apply one B. Pharma, D. Pharma degree holders as pharmacists in their proposed store.

Procedure for opening a Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojana.

The state government, department of health would make recommendations in favor of the operating agency who would run the stores and it also guides and instruct the district hospital authority to provide the minimum space conforming to standards as approved by BPPI as the hospital premises.the location the store should be at such place which is easily accessible to the OPD Patients, preferably at the entry of the hospital and given to the agency free of cost. he state government need to issue suitable instructions to the hospital/doctors prescribing generic medicines.

The objective of Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Yojana.

making quality medicines affordable at reasonable prices that the poor people can also buy and the proper treatment should be taken to procure the diseases. Pradhan Mantri Jan Stores has been made to reduce the pocket expenses in healthcare.

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