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Instagram food blog post importance in 1000 words

How we can engage more customers on the Instagram food blog post

1. daily updation of blog post

If we have to increase our followers on Instagram first we have to daily update a new post on Instagram to get the audience attracted to your account. If you are not posting daily or somewhere how any circumstances happen then people started to unfollow you because you have not given them a post that they want to see. Everyone likes regular updates. Also, there is no denying the fact that the more you post, the more visible you are. The more visible you are, the more you engage the community. This, however by no means, means that you start spamming.

2.increase followers by updating your stories on food blog post

If you are updating your food blog post daily by Instagram feed, Instagram stories then it will really give you a big hit to increase your followers if you want to show that post to Instagram messages then you can also share it and engage more people to their account you can also send a request to the other peoples also who cannot join and know about your account.

3. produce a good quality of content

We should not take copyright images on google and use as a post on Instagram it should give you a reach but sometimes people getting bored with seeing same images on all the social media platform then they unfollow you so make your own images by using Canva and photoshop editor to edit and explore your post as much you can. It would definitely help you to increase your followers on instagram.

4. be responsive

If somebody comments on your food blog post and you could not reply that also distracting your customers and people start to unfollow you so if you want to still try to get the audience to attract to your account you should reply to your audience comments and messages.

5.use a good quality of hashtags

One often ignores the social aspect of Instagram. It is not just about posting your content, it is also about engaging with the community. Try and connect with other food bloggers across the world. Look at what they have to offer. Connect and interact with them. It not only helps in your creative growth but also helps you get more audience for what you are posting. Hashtags play an important role in the Instagram blog post because it could tag or share your images to many peoples who could not even know your blog post and interact with your blog post and starts follows you. So it also played a major role in the Instagram blog post.

6. talk about your blog

IN the description talk about your blog post then what your blog post is about if you have an e-commerce blog post then also describe what kind of services you have provided to your customers .description also plays an important role in the Instagram food blog post if you have not to tell your customers than what your post is about then how can people know about your blog post.


The best way to get people to follow you and your work is by producing good content. The pictures you post on Instagram should be well shot and relevant. If your’s is a food- blog, make sure you stick to pictures of food. The people who follow you for your food pictures don’t want to see your random selfies or pictures of your garden or even pictures of your cute pets.

Give people what they’re following you for- good food pictures! Along with good pictures, use interesting and engaging captions. You can make them personal and witty. You can use them to initiate a discussion revolving around food or your blog. I often use my captions to initiate a discussion with my followers and to take their opinions. If I’m posting pictures of my pancakes, I’ll ask my followers how they like to eat their pancakes. In the caption for your ice-cream picture, ask your followers what their favorite flavor is. Make it fun, interesting and something the audience can respond to.

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