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how we can lose our weight only in 10 days


Today the major problem of our life to maintain our fat and stay healthy because of too much fat can also a major assumption of diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and many more which is very harmful to our body.

how we can lose our weight only in 10 days

So we can maintain our body fitness from today so we can safe ourselves and others from these viruses, stress, and bacteria these are very harmful to our body. Too much fat can harm the body and your mental strength to do more work but you cannot do because of stress and fats both can lose your strength to do work. SO LET US START TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO SAFE FROM FAT AND “STAY HEALTHY STAY SAFE “DO NOT GO OUTSIDE MORE AND SAFE FROM COVID-19.

  • First step -We have to wake up early in the morning at 6:00 P.M OR 7:00 P.M to do some exercise and meditation to keep their body fit. Then, We have to take proper breakfast at 9:00 P.M TO 10:00 P.M. Breakfast like salad, oats that give your body a highly efficient protein to safe from viruses because this time the situation of COVID-19 we cannot think that we could not eat protein and vitamins that are very helpful to our body to fight with viruses.
  • The second step– Now, We have to take lunch at a proper time at 2:00 A.M TO 3:00 A.M. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals that would keep our body-safe from viruses. for Example; Dalia, salad eat healthy that you could not suffer from any diseases. Main Information to all the people does not eat outside food that our harmful for our body we should Eat healthily so we can prevent ourselves from viruses and also we can lose our fat easily.
  • Third Step– Now We have to take evening breakfast at 5:00 P.M to 6:00 P.M. We can take evening breakfast like tea, green tea, rusk, biscuits that are rich in whole grain wheat like marigold sugar-free biscuits that could keep your body fit and healthy.
  • In the evening you should play games like badminton, chess, ludo that would keep you mentally and physically strong.
  • You will not go outside to play badminton you should go to the terrace to play badminton and walk half an hour and do meditation to keep safe and not take your body too much stress.
  • Especially for housewife those who work in a kitchen the whole day that could also think to keep their body fit so they can also maintain some free time to keep their body fit.


IF We seriously lose our weight then we have to follow these steps properly results you will see only in 10 days. you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of warm water that is very helpful to our body to lose fat.

Normal water contains too much salt and salt can always help you to gain fat if you drink warm water then you should lose your fat easily do proper exercise in the morning as well as evening walk as much as you can .maintain time and diet to eat food and stay healthy and safe.

“YOU CAN ALSO DO PROPER WEIGHT LOSING EXERCISES TO MAINTAIN OUR BODY FAT AND STAY FIT AND SLIM “. Do some walk and running in the morning and evening time to lose fat and keep our body slim. The main reason for losing fat for girls is to look slim in our pics and selfies and look pretty by wearing dresses. the main reason for boys for more gyming and muscular muscles is to impress a girl with their body fitness.

SO we have to start today to maintain our fitness and give some time to keep our body fit and slim. start today to give the perfect and better tomorrow for others to not keep a finger on you and not tell you fatty.”GIVES A GOOD AND BETTER TOMORROW FOR OUR HEALTH AND STAY FIT”

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